The Ultimate Online Betting Platform in India - 99 Exchange

99 Exchange brings you more than 99 reasons to win—that’s right. You have everything you need to become a sports analyst and bet on several sports on India’s prominent online betting platform.  

We are proud to be a leading platform and even prouder to bring you a host of features, including safe and secure account creation, deposits, withdrawals, and 24*7 customer support. 99 Exchange  has a wide variety of games that you can bet on to create a wealthy portfolio or make huge amounts of money.  

Click on the link below, and let’s get started. 




Coin Toss


Viking Story

Dream Catcher


What's an Online ID and Why Do You Need It?

Your online betting ID is a type of identification given to you and your account. Without an ID, you cannot bet on your favorite games and can’t win on them. The online ID also helps you stay connected with your account and the latest developments and news. It also helps you manage your wins, bets, other games, funds, and much more.  

Creating an online betting ID is very easy on 99 Exchange. Just Click on the link below. 

What can you Do with Your Online ID?

Here are some of the things you can do by getting yourself a 99 Exchange online betting ID. 

Explore the Betting Market

99 Exchange provides you with a lot of sports and market options to bet. Discover new games to be on or continue with one you are familiar with.  

Place Bets

Choose a game, set the odds, and then place the bets. Wait for the results to withdraw your money or play more.

Manage Your Bets

A comprehensive and complete view of your bets and sports. Keep them under check using this feature. 

Get Welcome & Deposit Bonuses

Keep an eye on your bonuses earned. Manage welcome, deposit, promotional, and referral bonuses.  

Engage in Live Betting

Want to bet on a live match? 99 Exchange makes it possible! Bet all you want on cricket, football, or any other match and win big. You can also change your bets in the middle of the match based on the live scenarios.  

Stay Informed

Stay updated with all the developments related to the online betting world—news, bonuses, announcements, and everything relevant to you.  

99 Exchange for the Ultimate Winnings

Getting online with 99 Exchange is very simple and easy. Just follow the given steps: 

Register Your Account

Create an account on our website or WhatsApp us to get started. 

Explore the Market

Discover the whole market for games and sports to play on. At the same time, configure your account and deposit settings. 

Deposit Funds

Deposit your funds through credit card, debit card, UPI, or bank transfer. Don’t forget you get a welcome bonus and deposit bonus as well. 

Place bets

You are all set! Choose your favorite sports, put the odds, and place the bets.

Exciting Sports, Exciting Wins

Bet on a variety of games that give you more control over your wins and bets. 



Horse Racing

Casino Games

4 Core Reasons to Choose 99 Exchang as Your Online Betting Platform

Bet on a variety of games that give you more control over your wins and bets. 

Safety & Security

99 Exchange values your privacy, and that’s why everything you do on the website is safe and secure. Money deposits & withdrawals, account creation, and data privacy are all under stringent encryption protocols. 

10+ Lakhs of Customers

99 Exchange is one of the leading platforms in India. Many customers like you trust our platform for their online betting experiences. We customers are all adults and play fair and by the rules. This helps us to create a seamless experience for everyone on 99 Exchange

Welcome & Referal Bonuses

With 99 Exchange, you can enjoy many bonuses, including a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, promotional bonus, and referral bonus.   

Instant Withdrawal and 24/7 customer support

Your hard-earned money should always be yours, and that’s why 99 Exchange lets you withdraw your amount anytime you want, regardless of the time. We are also proud of our dedicated customer support team that helps our customers whenever they encounter difficulties on the platform.

Unlimited Benefits for the Users of 99 Exchange

Our registered members enjoy a lot of perks when they create an account with us. The following are some of them

Convenient Betting

Our platform offers user-friendly choices and is easy to use on a computer, mobile device, laptop, or tablet.  

Security & Safety

Everything our members do is safe and secure. We value our customers’ privacy, and they get 24/7, 365 days of complete support. 

Bonuses & Promotions

Everyone who signs up with us gets welcome bonuses, and based on the activity, they also get deposit, promotional, and referral bonuses.  

Live Betting

Our members get to do bidding on the live match. They also get the ability to change bets and do new ones based on the live scenarios. 

Divergent Sports Betting

99 Exchange is home to over a hundred plus games. It gives our members a wide choice when it comes to making money from betting. 

Information & Statistics

Our members get detailed information, analysis, and statistics about the teams, players, winning odds, and past performances so that they can make the right decisions.  

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